Jim Christaldi - Guitar & Vocals
Greg Baxter - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Doc Hazlet - Keyboards & Vocals
​Chris Thornton - Drums & Vocals
Luke Marchie - Guitar & Vocals
Meet The Band
Jim Christaldi - Guitar & Vocals

Jim has been on the scene here in the Philly area for a very long time.  Over the years you may have seen him playing with such bands as Easy Wind, The James Higley Band, The John Alexander Band, The Chase, Johnny "O" and the Classic Dogs of Love and many others.  Jim has been in mostly cover bands, but in many of them they would also delve into their own original tunes too.  Jim has played many roles in the bands over the years from guitar, keyboards, singer and more.  He has now gone back to his true love and focuses on guitar and vocals in this band.  Some of Jim's biggest musical Influences would be The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Zappa, Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Dylan and many, many more.

Greg Baxter - Bass Guitar & Vocals

Greg too has been on the Philly scene for a long time.  Greg played with some area bands, but has spent a great deal of his time simply honing his craft and recording.  Greg is a true multi-instrumentalist with a gift for recording some very fine music!  As good as Greg is, on a wide array of instruments, his true love is the bass and that shines through when you hear him play.  Greg has a diverse love of music that spans many decades and he incorporates this love into his own unique sound.  From his early love of the Grateful Dead, The Beatles and the Kinks to his more current appreciation of bands such as Beck, the Flaming Lips, Weezer and Cracker, Greg is a well rounded musician.e

​Doc Hazlet - Keyboards & Vocals

​He was born on the south side of Chicago, but he spent his 'Wonder Years' somewhere in the swamps of Jersey. After starting out on clarinet, he taught himself piano. Moving to Pennsylvania after college, he spent a few years on the Lancaster Redneck Mennonite scene. In the 90's he won a Grammy Award for best keyboardist three years in a row. He would have won a fourth, but Grandpa made her stop giving them out. In 2012, he saw Jim's ad on Craigslist: "Wanted: Ivory Tickler". (Jim SWEARS that the ad was supposed to be listed under 'Musicians', and not 'Men Seeking Men'.) Taking Jim at his word, Doc agreed to lend a hand (two, actually) and has been manning the keys ever since. His musical influences include Ray Manzarek, Jon Lord, Bill Payne and, of course, Larry Ferrari. His motto is "Play every gig as if it were your last, because some day it wil​l be.

Chris Thornton - Drums & Vocals

Chris has been playing the drums for over 40 years. The bug bit him when he saw Stevie Wonder perform “Superstition” on Sesame Street in 1974 (“I thought the drummer was the coolest!”). He studied for 5 years with the renowned Ken Vogel at the original Troubadour Music Store in King of Prussia.

While Keith Moon was his idol, he was more blown away by Terry Bozzio, Narada Michael Walden (Jeff Beck’s fusion period) and Buddy Rich (“I’d set my alarm to watch him on Johnny Carson”).

After playing in a succession of high school rock bands, Chris was began playing in area bars and clubs at age 17 (Central Park, The Ground Round and upscale joints like Mickey’s Mouse in Montgomeryville). “The 3 to 4 night a week grind helped me immensely with my playing and I’m grateful for the experience.” Some notables Chris has played with include guitarist Johnny Goetz of 80’s Philly rockers So Sydney and legendary late era MC5 bassist John Hefty (“Yes, the famous “Kick Out The Jams” MC5.”)

Most recently, Chris has done mostly fill-in work and was a member The O’Sullivan Brothers, The Lucky Stiffs and a blink-and-you-missed-it stint with Splintered Sunlight. He was also the house drummer for The “Garage Band “Band at the 2006 Bonnaroo Festival.

Chris’s brushes with greatness include meeting Little Feat’s Ritchie Hayward (I met him outside the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville after a Feat gig. We talked about the perils of “gig hair” and the greatness of New Orleans second line drumming. He is one of my all time idols.”) and Bill Bruford, (“He was doing a clinic as Sam Ash; He just drank his tea and stared at me while I was talking to friend. I wanted to tell him I thought electronic drums were for bands like Spandau Ballet, instead, I said, “What’s shakin’ Bill?”)

Chris’s wide range of influences include Little Feat, The Meters, Miles Davis, The Who, Zappa, The Dead, The Pretenders, Motown and Motorhead.

Chris is looking forward to bringing his Percussive Gumbo to The Walking Dead.

Luke Marchie - Guitar  Vocals

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